The primary words here, while we discover about Ion, is epistasthai and you can techne

The primary words here, while we discover about Ion, is epistasthai and you can techne

The primary words here, while we discover about Ion, is epistasthai and you can techne

Socrates, Aristophanes, and Agathon are left about revealing catastrophe and you may comedy: “part of the section is actually you to definitely Socrates are trying persuade him or her that the exact same son understands (epistasthai) how exactly to write each other comedy and catastrophe, that a person who’s of the hobby (techne) a heartbreaking poet is a comic poet also” (223d26).

An accurate description, undoubtedly, of one’s speeches created by most of the symposiasts just who cam earlier in order to Socrates

Normal poets don’t produce each other funny and disaster, because they do not make out of knowledge and you may pastime (techne) but regarding divine motivation (Ion 534c56). Once they did make out off hobby and training, when they were craftsmen poets, they will produce both funny and tragedy, as the opposites will always examined because of the same interest. Hence the latest comedic passion together with tragic passion will have to feel that therefore the same; just as one and also the same activity, drug, works together with each other diseases and you may fitness.

At the end of the fresh Symposium, Alcibiades went out of, allegedly with the throng of Bacchic revelers, who bust with the his lifetime since agencies regarding his seizing love on the approval and you will flattery of your group

Socrates confides in us what an effective craftsman poet could make, the guy will not inform us exactly what however build. Almost every other Platonic spokesmen is actually considerably more forthcoming. “We ourselves is actually poets,” this new Athenian Stranger tells us on Legislation, “that have on good our element authored a tragedy that is the ideal together with most readily useful; at the very least, all of our whole structure try developed once the an imitation of the finest and greatest way of living-the question which we claim ‘s the truest problem” (817b15). Earlier in identical discussion, the brand new Stranger is just as specific this same structure, no matter if perhaps not a comedy, do however embody comedic training:

A person who is about to obtain practical knowledge cant know big things in the place of understanding ridiculous of them, otherwise anything else, for instance, as opposed to the opposite. However if we’re going to and acquire virtue, even to the a tiny level, i cannot be really serious and you will comic too, and this refers to the reason why we need to learn how to recognize exactly what is actually ridiculous, to avoid being caught up by the the ignorance from it towards doing or claiming anything absurd, once we cannot need certainly to. (816d5-e5)

Brand new Symposium are a tragedy getting a keen analogous need: it contains a replica of one part of such a lives, specifically, exactly what the Protagoras words good “symposium from stunning and you will a good men” exactly who “try for each and every someone else mettle during the shared conflict” from the asking and you may responding concerns (347d3348a9). This is how Socrates reacts so you’re able to Agathons message. It’s how Diotima converses with Socrates. This is the kind of symposium Socrates attempts to re also-introduce whenever Alcibiades “satyr-play” is gone, additionally the throng regarding Bacchic revelers provides remaining.

As opposed to the new Guidelines, however, the new Symposium are a comedy too, since it also incorporates an imitation of the second-best kind out of symposium discussed in the Protagoras-you to definitely where discover poets expose, and you can where in fact the players “argue more points that cant feel established that have any certainty” (347e17).

In the long run, Alcibiades arrives that have-notably adequate-a good flute-woman (212c5-e3; contrast 176e6-7). And although she will not enjoy, her coming inaugurates the brand new after that refuse of one’s symposium on one thing even more like the particular symposium reviled throughout the Protagoras while the “good symposium out-of popular, lewd fellows… exactly who, not able to entertain one another making use of their very own talk, set up the cost of flute-female, and you may pay large sums to hear new sound of your flute as opposed to their cam” (347c4-d2). This is basically the part of satyr-gamble regarding Symposium-satyr graphics is actually frequent in the Alcibiades address.

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