A. during the Greece got r ecognised new imp ortance regarding the facts

A. during the Greece got r ecognised new imp ortance regarding the facts

A. during the Greece got r ecognised new imp ortance regarding the facts

t was hopeless t o draw up a-c omplete programme. E. C. Repair and you may economie devel opment courses in the Gr eece got suf fercd within the t he earlier in the day becaus elizabeth it had not been identified sufflciently beforehand just what financing is a beneficial vailable. He understood the brand new dif ficulties for the t he technique for makin

annual allotments, however, suggested it mlght be it is possible to to resolve in advance extent whi ch woul d get far a complete seasons, without paying the newest whol age contribution lead toward Age.P.U. The new De lega_t age much Austr:.ta offered the tip out of his Greek colleague. New Representat

ve f and/or All of us completely preferred _the latest probl ems in which the fresh new Greek and you will Austrian Governments wcre faced prevent the brand new Uni t ed s t ates government Kere offering consideration t o method of overc omi letter

Payments was generated gradually whenever requirement arare

g ate much Poultry said he had been now able t o deal with t the guy draf t deci sion concerning his country. He shat ed the newest worries away from their Greek and you will Austrian acquaintances roentgen egarding the brand new quarterly allotment regarding loans and you will received notice t o t the guy truth t cap Turkey’s de- ficit try biggest in the 1st and fo urt

house out-of t the guy financial year and that this new allowance much the fresh f irst quartcr out of is actually much f rom layer her deficit f otherwise July-Sept e mber. The guy pledge d that Age. C.Good. an excellent nd the fresh new Managing Panel woul d r econsider this dilemma.

ate toward Us pointed out that, because SpecialRepresentati ve had when you look at the t the guy las t phrase off his page, seaoonal considerati ons is taken into consideration when designing the newest very first quarter ‘ s allowance.

uard the new posi tj.towards of the f the cauntri..parece wi t h architectural deficits. But not, t he arrangemcnts suagested because of the Iv’lanaging Board dld entall a certaln risk t o the brand new capltal of one’s Age. P.U. and you may, whi le the guy coul n deal with the brand new write DC?cislons feel f or age th8 Council, the guy wanted to stress t he advantages whlch his Bodies attached t o maintaininc; and you will increase depend on l n the fresh new capita l struct nre out-of t :l.elizabeth Commitment. vate to own France related hello mself with t the guy st

tement created by brand new Delegate much the newest Un!ted Kingdom. Brand new COUNCIL (169) (a beneficial ) Educated the latest Managi ng Panel t o envision having Age.C.A. an approach to altering Elizabeth.C.A great. direct Services t o t the guy EPP.You. t o meet t the guy means regarding regions exper Jencing di f f icul t :we.parece as s age t in paragraph step 3 (e) from f nnex l so you can C(51) 214. The Council up coming considered the newest draft Conclusion at the Annexes II – V off C(51)214, t ogether witb the amendment t o con el fin de

raph cuatro of each and every de cisjon proposed from the tl;e J oint Trading and you will Costs Commt ttee. [C(Sl)21. eight This new Del

cit f or perhaps the months concerned create e xceed brand new allowance, but wished to cover the dif ference because of the improved acknowledgment s f roentgen om the fresh travelers change and other present. This new Dc l

New Dele

consumed to possess Greece snid t cap, even when Elizabeth.C.An effective. had removed membership that the fresh new Greek defi cit far the newest f we rst one-fourth away from t he before financia: year had been greater than t cap f a roentgen brand new ot her t hree residence and though forty five billion urlits of membership is Slightl.Y larger than the deficit f afroromance or perhaps the c orresponding quarter past y8ar, so it am o un

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