Toph tried her most useful, but not, to guard Appa from getting taken by sandbenders

Toph tried her most useful, but not, to guard Appa from getting taken by sandbenders

Toph tried her most useful, but not, to guard Appa from getting taken by sandbenders

Following Hundred-year Battle, Toph Avatar, just to signup backup together whenever she heard Appa flying along the Beifong Metalbending Academy ahead of new skirmish at the Yu Dao. Due to the fact that he was deep from inside the meditation which have Roku, Aang did not appear to instantaneously realize that she got returned; not, after they got landed, he greeted this lady having a hug exactly as Katara and Sokka had, a matter generated a little difficult because of the fact that he’d demonstrably outgrown Toph in the last year (compensated of the his bending down and her standing on the tips away from their base into the hug).

After the war, Aang also advised Toph for eating produce thus she could be “healhty” and you may a keen “inspiration to earthbenders almost everywhere”, even though she simply located several ingredients to-be bearable. [27] [28]

When you look at the arrest out-of Yakone, Toph nevertheless known as Avatar from the moniker “Twinkle Toes”, even after his problems which he are 40 years old, he considered “too old to own nicknames”. [29]

Toph disliked and you will dreadful traveling, since it made the lady it’s blind and cut their connection to the earth; at best, she looked rather annoyed and you can restless if you are flying with the Appa. This was emphasized whenever she stated having watched the new titular library from Appa’s right back, simply to prompt their members of the family one to she are blind. [30]

Toph indicated hate to the Appa when she angrily realized that Appa’s losing left a giant trail you to definitely desired Azula to obtain him or her it doesn’t matter how far otherwise prompt it flew. [16]

She is unable to struggle their hardest, while the she try possessed with keeping Aang, Katara, and you may Sokka’s just leave out of an ancient collection away from dropping on the sand, and that curtailed this lady results. So it caused the woman to fail inside protecting Appa, things she tearfully apologized for the bison at under the girl air when he are pulled away. [30] Whenever Aang angrily lashed aside from the her to own failing to manage Appa, she did not just be sure to guard by herself within her typical fashion and you can stayed quiet, showing one she blamed by herself heavily to own losing Appa inspite of the products that have managed to make it impractical to save yourself your.

Toph, plus people, is overjoyed to see Appa once more as he gone back to the fresh new category at the River Laogai. [31] Despite the woman chronic hate to have traveling, Toph cared about Appa in the after periods.


Toph harbored higher regard and you may sympathy to the these types of pets. Whenever she was more youthful, she ran while on the move and you can satisfied this type of icon earthbenders into the a cavern. She acknowledged herself inside them, once the she understood the blindness. They showed this lady affection as well and ultimately educated this lady earthbending, especially her way of sensing its land to be able to see. The fresh new badgermoles were Toph’s true benefits and so it reason, she displayed regard if you are sharing him or her. [7]


Bolin had visited idolize Toph given that discoverer regarding metalbending plus one of the finest earthbenders ever. Toph came across Bolin when she met up having Lin and Opal on the mission to help you cut the rest of Suyin’s relatives. Toph try doubtful regarding Bolin’s eager attitude and you may molded a rather negative feeling regarding your whenever she unearthed that he previously just after worked for Kuvira, particularly for the lady granddaughter’s date. Yet not, Toph did begin to heat up so you’re able to Bolin throughout their journey. As they camped, she announced one to she possess instructed your in order to metalbend during the their academy, even though Bolin was quite embarassed out of his inability to complete so, Toph was pleased when he showed that he might lavabend. The next day, they spent some time working also Lin to save your self the fresh Beifong family. By the end of the journey, Toph and you will Bolin had a friendly dating, however, he may nevertheless annoy the girl: Whenever Toph is stating farewell so you’re able to the woman daughters, Bolin disturbed the latest heartwarming minute, and you will Toph desired the rest of her family unit members a secure journey right back into “gumflapper”. [1]

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